Spoke about how the Quran had a very integral part of the lives of the Sahaba’s. Thereafter he elaborated on the story of Tufail Bin Amar Dowse, how this person was very hospitable and his doors was always open for guests and he feeds the hunger and gives shelter to those in distress and gives refuge to those who need peace and how the Prophet (pbuh) made a special Dua for Tufail. He spoke about how Tufail was a leader in his tribe and gives a hearing for judgements and resolves issues. Spoke about not all Muslims are required to preach Islam but certainly need to practice and preach via that practice which is the effect of the noor. Spoke about when Tufail arrived in Mecca how all the Maccan leaders got together and met with him and told about how the Prophet (pbuh) is causing divisions in Mecca and not to listen or talk to the Prophet (pbuh). He also said how there is only one place under the sky to build your emaan and that place is the Masjid, he complained how the Masjids are empty today like the churches. He continued the story of Tufail and said how he went with his ears blocked to the Kaaba but Allah had other plans for him. He concluded by saying he will continue the story next week InShaAllah.

Spoke about how the enemies of Islam Abu Jahal and his companions was secretly listening to the recitation of the Quran by the Prophet (pbuh). They would listen to the Quran until day break and how all four companions of Abu Jahal when leaving will bump into each other and question each other and how they take a vow not to listen. But the following night all four secretly come to listen to the Quran despite the vow. How finally they meet and discuss about the Quran and how they understand some of the things said and how they do not understand some other things in the Quran. He said how one companion was about to accept Islam/emaan but was stopped by Abu Jahal. He spoke about how Muslims are not grateful of the emaan we have got. He spoke about the Christian ruler of the Roman empire having continuous headache and how he sent someone to Madina to get medication from hazrat Umar. He said how a Sahabi (Abu Talha) erected a tent near a grave to rest and how he heard the Quran recitation coming from a grave, he went to the Prophet (pbuh) and told him about this and asked what is this about. He asked how much of the Quran we read and what is our position regarding the Quran. He spoke about the character of hazrat Umar and how even Gandhi praised Umar. He concluded by explaining how the current welfare system of the west is copied from what hazrat Umar implemented under his leadership.

Mufti Junaid spoke about how to increase the love for Allah, explained what reading the Quran does for the heart. How and why Allah gave the Sahaba victory wherever they went and whatever they did. Explained how Allah’s protection will come when specific 10 surah’s are read every day. Questioned what we do first thing when we get up in the morning. Why must one come to the Masjid to pray. Relayed a story of how some people came to the Prophet (pbuh) and requested him to send someone to their village to teach their people. Explained Islam is a lifestyle and not doing only 4 or 5 items. He asked if we have spread the dawah in Australia.

Mufti Junaid spoke about having love for Allah and how Allah will test everyone and the test will be in fear, wealth, patience, emaan, how Allah has made us to eat animal meat after mentioning Allahs name. He spoke about the current situation in Burma and asked if we feel the pain, are we crying for the Burmese Muslims. Are we praying Tahajud let alone Fajr, how will help come if we do not pray. How Prophet feels the pain of his Umma. Why aren’t we looking at the sky and asking Allah to intervene instead of the West, because everything is from Allah. What is it that we are obliged to do before Allahs help come

Mufti Junaid Akbar, Imam of Masjid Taqwa Brisbane spoke about prophet Ibrahim alai salaam and his sacrifice, he reminded about death and he gave a list of things we must do like the importance of reading the Quran, increasing ibadah, engage in the remembrance of Allah and giving preference to Allah over one’s desires and goals

Mufti Junaid spoke about how Allah swears in the days of Dhul Hijjah in surah Al-Fajr and explained the great virtues of the first 10 days of this month and what we should do in order to take advantage. Spoke about how the days are greater than the days of Lailathul Qadr in Ramadan.The reward for the fast on the 9th day is two years, one for the past year and the other for the future year. Also spoke about Hajj and how these days there is no struggle in the performance of Haj because everything is very comfortable unlike in the past. Conditions of Dua being accepted. Virtues of praying Tahajud salah.

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