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02-MutfiJunaid-MAN 2735-SMufti Junaid Akbar was born in the United Kingdom studied up to high school. In 1989 he went to Pakistan for Islamic education and studied in some of the most famous and illustrious Islamic institutes such as Jamia Banoria (Karachi) Nusrat Ul Uloom (Gujranwala) Jamia Asurafia (Lahore) under some of the most renowned scholars of the time such as:

Late Suieku ul hadith hazrat mulana Muhammad Sarfraz Ahmed Safdar authority in the knowledge of Isma ur rijaal (transmitters of hadith) and tafseer ul Quran.

Late hazrat mulana Musa Roohani Bazi Jami ul Ma’qulaat and Manqulaat from whose grave a fragrance emitted after he was buried which is a sign of his acceptance.

Qazi Hameedullah very rare and one of his kind who Allah has blessed with amazing ability to explain the most complex issues in a click and that even a person with little understanding can grasp.

After graduating in 1997 under the guidance of Sheikh ul Hadith Mufti Esa started Tahasus fil fiqh, and practiced under the supervision of mufti Iqbal (Nusrat ul uloom) until 2001, thereafter returned to the UK and was appointed an imam and then in 2002 migrated to Australia permanently as a religious teacher. 

Has taught in various Islamic Education subjects in State Schools in Australia as well as masjids and lead Jumma prayers in many masjids in Brisbane. Since 2008 he has been appointed the Imam at the Bald Hills Masjid Taqwa, where he is running various classes of Tafseer and hadith and children’s madarasa.


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Iqama time for salah with Jamaath

Fajr = 5:10 am
Zohar = 1:00 pm
Asr = 4:50 pm
Maghrib = 5 minutes after sunset
Esha = 8:00pm

Friday Jumah Program

12:45 pm = First Azan
  1:00 pm = English sermon
  1:24 pm = Second Azan
  1:25 pm = Arabic Kuthba
  1:30 pm = Iqama & salah