Our History

The initiative of building a Masjid on the North side came about due to Muslim brothers from the North in need of a place to read Salaah and so it started out with 6 brothers using one of their living rooms to pray in Jamaat.

In mid 2000 the dream and need became a reality and through hard work, dedication and guidance from the Almighty Allah (swt) Masjidul Taqwah in Bald Hills, was born. It started off in a small tin shed with only minimal facilities, but through financial support of the Muslim brothers and sisters in the greater Brisbane region and the greatness of Almighty Allah (swt) the Masjid has grown to what it is today.

Today we are fortunate enough to have a beautiful Masjid which caters for a constantly growing community. With facilities which include but are not limited to the following (for both men and women); Air conditioned Salaah facilities for approximately 300 men and 80 women; toilets; wudhu facilities; parking area for approximately 80 cars.

Alhamdulillah approximately 40 families, to date in the area frequent the Masjid.



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Iqama time for salah with Jamaath

Fajr = 5:10 am
Zohar = 1:00 pm
Asr = 4:50 pm
Maghrib = 5 minutes after sunset
Esha = 8:00pm

Friday Jumah Program

12:45 pm = First Azan
  1:00 pm = English sermon
  1:24 pm = Second Azan
  1:25 pm = Arabic Kuthba
  1:30 pm = Iqama & salah